Professional Nanny

Are you looking for a nanny or guest-parent?

In this case you made a choice for a high quality daycare in your own home or at a guest parents home. Daycare which puts the interest of your child first and where it get's a lot of personal attention for the child and it's personal and social development. Professional Nanny's selects and screens her nanny's and guestparents on their enthousiasm for working with children, their warmth, responsibility and service attitude.

A nanny or guest-parent within the childcare system (Professional Nanny)

Official daycare by nanny's in the home of the parents or guest-parents in their own home (gastouders) is regulated by the Daycare Law. Professional Nanny is a registered gastouderbureau within this system which gives the parents a right to childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag). To be able to work within this system, a nanny must have a pedagogical education which is valid in the childcare system and be registered in the Personsregister (daily check of the VOG). Besides this she has a children's first aid diploma.

A nanny gets registrated in the National Daycare Register, this takes around 4-6 weeks. Before a nanny can get registered, we do a risk-inventarisation in your house. Sometimes you have to do some small adaptions like securing the electricity sockets, put a smoke-detector on every floor, place gates to prevent small children from tumbling down the stairs etc. If this is done, I send the paperwork to the local city. After that, the nanny will receive the inspector in your house to see that everything is safe and according to the rules. After that we get the registration number and you have a right to childcare allowance.

A nanny at the parents house is registered with her name on the adress of the parents. As the nanny leaves, a new nanny has to be registered again. The local city can cgarge costs for the registration. The amount differs from city to city. A guest parent is already registered on her own adres.

A nanny outside the childcare system (Professional Nanny PLUS)

Professional Nanny PLUS offers solutions to parents and nanny's who do not fit into the childcare system. This can be the case for English or other language speaking nanny's or for nanny's with experience but without a diploma.

Professional Nanny PLUS can help with the VOG, contracts for legal employment, the search for a payrolling oranisation, or salary administration, employers insurance and company doctor (in case of a full employership). All nanny's can get a tailor made training.

The search

When you want me to find a nanny or guest-parent for you, you can simply fill out the contactform or send an email to I will contact you and send you the most important information by email. When everything is clear, we make an appointment for me to visit (without any commitments). During the first visit we put together the search-profile, with all your demands and wishes and I can answer all your questions. You can decide afterwards if you want me to start the search or not. When I start a search for parents, I will put out adds, handle the first contacts with candidates and have the first meetings with them (preferably in person). I will make all business arrangements clear before the nanny/guest parents and the parents meet for the first time to see if there is a personal "click" and agreement about the upbringing of children.