Professional Nanny



The first introduction meeting with parents is always free of charge!

Put a job offer online € 25,00

Search for a guestparent € 25,00


Bureaucosts per month

1-3 children € 0,90 per child per hour

4-6 children € 0,75 per child per hour

Maximum of € 125,00 per family


Bureaucosts per month

1 child € 0,90 per hour

Maximum of € 50,00 per family

> 1 child € 0,75 per child per hour

Maximum of € 75,00 per family

A nanny or guestparent with childcare allowance (Professional Nanny)

The first introduction meeting with the parents is always free of charge. When the parents decide to give me a search assignment, they pay € 25,00 and sign a mediation agreement.

If we look for a nanny at the parents house, I put a job-offer add online. I do the first selection of candidates and have a meeting with the qualified ones before I send them through to the parents for an introduction meeting. This saves parents a lot of time and effort as they only have to meet with the screened candidates.

If we are looking for a guestparent, I will cjheck the National Daycare Register for guestparents in the requested area(s) or postal codes. I search the internet for their contact data if neccessary and check with the guestparents if they have a place available at the requested days. When I find an available guestparent I send the contact data to the parents, so they can plan a meeting.


When a nanny is found, Professional Nanny charges the parents the costs for the VOG and registration in the Personsregister (register for all daycare staff where VOG´s get checked daily). These costs are € 46,35 The parents also pay the costs the local government charges for the registration of the nanny. The nanny pays for the required first aid course.

The parents monthly pay the salary of the nanny (hourly fee x the number of hours), plus the bureau costs of Professional Nanny.


A guestparent is already registrated on her own adress, so the daycare can start immediately and without additional costs.

Monthly the parents pay the hourly fee of the guestparent (x the number of hours childcare) and the bureau costs of Professional Nanny. When a guestparent exlusively works with Professional Nanny, this can go down to € 0,75 cents per hour.

When a guestparent transfers to Professional Nanny with all her parents, they get a price-offer at the same rate as they are used paying.

Childcare allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag)

Parents who meet the requirements of the Tax-office are entitled to childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag). Professional Nanny is a registered Gastouderbureau (LRK number is: 429008661), with this number and the registration number of the nanny/guestparent, the parents can file a request for childcare allowance. The maximum hourly price for childcare allowance, is € 6,73 in 2023. The mutual income of the parents determines the amount of childcare allowance they are entitled to. For more information you can go to the website of Belastingdienst Toeslagen .

A nanny without childcare allowance (Professional Nanny PLUS)

The introduction meeting is free of charge. The parents pay € 25,00 for a nanny search.

When a nanny is found, the parents pay € 150,00 euro for the legal hiring (including the Declaration of Good Behavior) and contracts. In most cases this is a contract for 3 days or less under the Regulation for Personel at Home. The monthly payments can be handled by Professional Nanny, This costs € 15,00 a month including the invoice, specification for the nanny and yearly reports for the parents and the nanny.

If a nanny works more then 3 days for onefamily, the parents have to become a full employer and they will need a salaryadministration service and an ARBO service. Professional Nanny can start/up the salary administrion with an extern salary administration bureau for € 12,10 a month and can arrange a contact with an ARBO service who works with private employers. Professional Nanny charges € 200,00 once for this service.

A price estimation can be made for a training on the job for nanny´s who do not have a pedagogical education. The training can involve the following subjects: pedagogical skills and the development stages in children, daily structure, food, hygiene and safety, the nanny/job, contracts, finances and taxes. I can also do risk inventarisations on location, evaluations and coaching etc. The hourly fee of Professional Nanny PLUS is € 42,00 an hour.

All prices of Professional Nanny PLUS are incuding 21% BTW.