Professional Nanny

Nanny's of high quality

Professional Nanny searches a high quality nanny for parents and takes care of the paperwork for the employment with the parents, the monthly invoices, training and coaching of the nanny. Nanny's can work 40 hours a week, two or three days a week or only in the afternoons. Nanny's do not live in with the parents, but go to their own home in the evening.

A nanny within the childcare system (Professional Nanny)

Official daycare by nanny's in the home of the parents or in their own home (gastouders) is regulated by the Daycare Law. Professional Nanny is a registrated gastouderbureau within this system which gives the parents a right to tax-benefits (kinderopvangtoeslag) when they meet the criteria of the tax office.

A nanny outside the childcare system (Professional Nanny PLUS)

Professional Nanny PLUS offers solutions for parents and nanny's who do not fit the criteria of the childcare system or do not want the tax-benefits. Parents who want an English speaking nanny or an other language speaking nanny, can ask me to find a nanny for them.

Professional Nanny PLUS helps with the legal employment of the nanny and takes care of the neccessary contracts. The Nanny Academy delivers training and coaching for the nanny's (in Dutch and English).

The search request

If you want me to find a nanny for you, you can simply fill out the contactform or send an email to I will contact you and send you the most important information by email. Parents can mail me to get their remaining questions answered. When everything is clear, we can make an appointment for me to visit the parents. Together we will [ut together the search-profile with all demands and wishes. We sign a mediation agreement and after the invoice for the registration fee is paid, I will start the search for a nanny that fits your family. As soon as I found somebody who fits the profil, a meeting with the parents will follow to see if there is a good personal "click".