Professional Nanny


The costs for hiring a nanny at home will depend on the situation and employment of the nanny.

Costs for a nanny with tax-benefits (Professional Nanny)

- Parents pay 25,00 euro registration costs after a succesfull first meeting with me. Professional Nanny puts out the adds and has the first meetings with potential nanny's. Nanny's that fit the profile are send through to the parents for a meeting. When a "match" is made and a nanny is found, the parents pay an additional 125,00 (including the Declaration of Good Behavior) for the paperwork around the hiring of the nanny by the parents and the start-up of the registration procedure. The nanny will pay for the mandatory childrens-first aid course. The local government can charge money (leges) for the registration procedure. The amount differs from city to city. The city of Amsterdam charges for example 463,80 euro.

Monthly costs

The parents monthly pay the salay of the nanny (hourly fee x the number of hours) as agreed upon. On top of that come the bureau costs of Professional Nanny. For one child the costs are € 0,50 cent per hour and for two and three children the costs are € 0,75 cent per child per hour, for 4 children and more the costs are 0,60 per child per hour. Bureaucosts are paid for a maximum of 3 children. Professional Nanny takes care of the monthly administration and invoices, the payment of the nanny, the registration, contracts, training and coaching for the nanny, extra meetings when neccessary and sees the daycare keeps meeting all legal demands and regulations.

Tax benefits (Kinderopvangtoeslag)

Parents who meet the requirements of the Tax-office are within this system entitled to tax-benefits (kinderopvangtoeslag). Professional Nanny is a registered Gastoudernbureauin the National Daycare Register (number is: 429008661), with this number and the registration number of the nanny on their adress the parents can file a request for tax-benefits. The maximum hourly price tax-benefots are paid for is € 5,91 per child per hour in 2018. In 2019 this will be € 6,15. The mutual income of the parents determines the amount of tax-benefits the parents get. See the Tabel for Kinderopvangtoeslag 2018. For more information you can go to the website of the Belastingdienst Toeslagen.

Costs for a nanny without tax-benefits (Professional Nanny PLUS)

As nanny's outside the daycae system use different paid websites to offer their services, the costs for a nanny-search are higher. The parents pay€ 175.00 for a nanny search.

When a nanny is found, the parents pay € 875.00 euro for the legal hiring (including the Declaration of Good Behavior) and the madatory training of the nanny. When parents need two nanny's, they pay an additional € 425.00 euro for the training of the second nanny.

If parents want Professional Nanny PLUS to do the monthly invoices within the Regulation for Personel at Home (invoice parents, specification nanny and yearly reports) this will cost € 15.00 euro a month. For evaluations and coaching of the nanny there can be made a price-estimation. The hourly fee of Professional Nanny PLUS is€ 42.00 per hour.

Parents who already have a nanny

Parents who already have a nanny can buy a training package for her for € 425.00 (6 modules) or they can buy seperate traing modules ( see the prices on the page of the Nanny Academy). Professional Nanny will first have a meeting with the nanny to check her motivation for the training and to see if her English or Dutch is enough for the training and if her prior education foits the level of the training.

All prices of Professional Nanny PLUS are incuding 21% BTW.