Professional Nanny

How does it work?

Professional Nanny mediates between parents and nanny's for daycare at the parents house. As a nanny you have a responsible job looking after the children and making sure everything runs well at home while the parents are working.

How to find a family?

Some parents ask Professional Nanny to find them a nanny and Professional Nanny can contact you to see if you fit the profile. Sometimes nanny's find a family themselves (through all kinds of websites or via via) but need Professional Nanny for a registration, help with the employment or a training.

Nanny's without a Dutch education in daycare.

Nanny's without a Dutch daycare diploma, who have experience as a nanny at the house of the parents, can get a job with a family that does not need "kinderopvangtoeslag" from the tax office. This can be a Dutch family that want an English speaking nanny, or with an expat family that wants daycare in another language or in English. After a positive first meeting with the family, we will decide what part(s) of the Professional Nanny PLUS training you need to do, to meet the quality standards of Professional Nanny PLUS. The costs of the training and VOG will be paid by the parents (almost 400,00 euro's). You have to pay for the Children's First Aide diploma. This will cost around 150,00. You always get legally employed by the parents. You need to have a Dutch BSN-number and when possible a DigiD.

Nanny's with a childcare education

Nanny's with a Dutch diploma in childcare or a foreign diploma which is validated by the Dutch Ministery of Education for "gastouderopvang", can be registered in the Dutch Childcare Register. This gives the parents the right to "kinderopvangtoeslag". This can be organized by Prfessional Nanny (gastouderbureau). The parents pay for the registration procedure done by the local government and for the VOG (Declaration of Good behaviour) for the nanny. The nanny pays for the Childrens First Aid course (99,95 in Dutch, 150 in English). With the VOG the nanny registers herself in the "Personenregister Kinderopvang" and is linked with Professional Nanny. Together we do a risk-inventarisation at the house of the parents and the nanny starts her Children's First Aide course. After all the papers are in, Professional Nanny sends in the paperwork and there will be an official inspection i the house. The registration procedure will take 6-7 weeks. When the registration number is in, the official daycare can start. Professional Nanny takes care of the coaching and montly invoices and there are tw mandatory days of training every year (sunday afternoon).

A nanny can be employed by the parents in different ways. For more information, look below.

Nanny Academy

As a nanny you want to get positive attention on the labourmarket. You want to show parents you take your job seriously and deliver a high quality daycare.

Do this by taking 1 or more training modules of the unique Professional Nanny PLUS training!

You can do exactly that part of the training you need. You can find the cists on the page of the Nanny Academy.

When you don't have a Dutch or foreign Childcare education and Professional Nanny PLUS contacts you for a specific family, the parents will pay for your training.

More information about the 6 modules of the training you find under "Nanny Academy"