Professional Nanny

Foreign diploma's

A foreign education in teaching or childcare can be validated in the Netherlands to see if it matches the Dutch Childcare system. When it does, the parents have a right to tax-benefits from the Dutch government and the nanny will work as a registrated nanny within this system.

You can get your foreign diploma validated by the IDW
There are a few rules:
- Diploma's can only be validated when the education you finished was over 1000 hours and recognized with the government of the country you lived in. Diploma's of courses with less hours or without government recognision (private schools f.e.) can not be validated.
- You have to send in the diploma and list of grades of the highest education you finished. When you send in a diploma of a master, you have to send the diploma and grades list of your bachelor with it. When you finished your PhD, you have to send the diploma and list of grades of both your bachelor and master with it.
- You have to fill in a request form and send a copy of your diploma, list of grades and your ID-card or passport with it.
- When your diploma and grades list are not written in Dutch, English, German or French, you have to get an authorized translation of it before you can send it in.
- When the papers you send in are not complete, you have a limited time to get them complete, so get the translations done before you send the validation request to the IDW.
- The costs for the validation you can find on the website of the IDW. In 2018 it is: 148,83 euro for a normal validation which takes 4 weeks and 212,96 euro for a validation which takes 2 weeks.

For more information you can go to the website of IDW: