Professional Nanny

Become a nanny!

Being a nanny is a wonderfull job!

You take care of 1-6 children between 0-12 years in the house of the parents and you see everything runs smoothly when the parents are working. You work closely together with the parents and build a good relationship with the family. You work indepently and have all time and attention for the children. You can match the daily schedule and activities to their wishes/needs and energy level and give them eveything they need to develop well in a cousy and relaxed atmosphere. In a family you often take care of children of different ages, but you decide which family you want to work for. A good "click" with your family is important for the pleasure you take out of your work and your coordination about the upbringing of the children. You do light household chores related to the care of the children and often you cook dinner for the children or the whole family. You bring children to school and other activities and pick them up again, do the groceries and friends can come over to play. You can use your organisational talent as a nanny!

You work the same days every week, so being a nanny can be vey well combine with another job, in or outside childcare or a study.

Most nanny's speak English and Dutch, have an education in childcare and can be registered in the National Daycare Register, this way the parents have a right to childcare allowance. You can find more information about the registration here.

Sometimes nanny's do not have a childcare education, but are experienced as a nanny. When this is the case, they work outside the childcare system.