Professional Nanny


The costs for hiring a nanny at home will depend on the situation and employment of the nanny.

Start-up costs for a registrated nanny within the childcare system:

- Parents who want a registrated nanny and "kinderopvangtoeslag", pay 25,00 euro registration and search costs. When a nanny is found, they pay 125,00 to Professional Nanny to do the work around the registration and the preparation of the nanny for the visit of the childcare inspector. The VOG (declaration of good behaviour) is included in this price. The nanny will pay for her childrens-first aid course. The local government can charge money (leges) for the registration procedure. The amount differs from city to city. The city of Amsterdam charges for example 463,80 euro for a registration of a nanny on the adres of the parents. After the registration is done, the parents have a right to "kinderopvangtoeslag". They will get back a percentage of a maximum amount (in 2018 this is 5,91 per child per hour) set every year by the tax-office. The mutual income of the parents decides what percentage of 5,91 they get back from the tax-office. The parents can file a request for "kinderopvangtoeslag" on the website of the tax-office (Belastingdienst Toeslagen).

Start-up costs for a nanny outside the system:

When parents are not interested in tax-benefits or their search criteria do not fit within the childcare system. They sign a mediation agreement with Professional Nanny PLUS and pay 150,00 euro for the registration and search by Professional Nanny PLUS. The price is higher as the search for a nanny outside of the system is totally different and requires paying for all kinds of websites. I will have the first meetings with potential nanny's, explain all the details about working as a nanny, their education and experience, the employment and the mandatory Professional Nanny PLUS training.

When we find a nanny that can be registrated, the parents can choose if they want to switch to the above system and registrate the nanny or to work with the nanny outside the childcare system. When the parents switch, they sign a different mediation agreement with Professional Nanny (gastouderbureau) and as they already paid 150,00, they get no further invoice from Professional Nanny to start up the registration (except when the local government charges money for the registration).

When the parents decide to work with a nanny outside the system, they pay Professional Nanny PLUS an additional 750,00 euro for the employment and access to the Nanny Academy for the nanny. More information about the contents of the mandatory training can be found on the next page about "Nanny Academy". When two nanny's need to be trained, and they cannot be trained together, the parents pay an additional 375 euro's for the training of the second nanny.

All prices of Professional Nanny PLUS are excl. 21% BTW.

Hourly costs for a registrated nanny

- Under the Regulation for Personnel at Home Professional Nanny (gastouderbureau) demands these minimum prices per hour for a registrated nanny (parents get "kinderopvangtoeslag"). 8% vacation money is included.

1 child
12,25 an hour
11,75 for the nanny
0,50 bureau costs
2 children
14,50 an hour (7,25 per child)
13,00 for the nanny
1,50 bureau costs
3 children
16,75 an hour (5,58 per child)
14,50 for the nanny
2,25 bureau costs
4 children
19,00 an hour (4,75 per child)
16,00 for the nanny
3,00 bureau costs
5 children
21,25 an hour (4,25 per child)
17,50 for the nanny
3,75 bureau costs
6 children
23,50 an hour (3,92 per child)
19,00 for the nanny
4,50 bureau costs

- ZZP nanny, The nanny gets no payment during holidays and sickness. She get's a higher hourly salary to compensate that risk. The ZZP nanny decides on her own fee. The bureaucosts come on top of that fee.

- 40-hour contract. The nanny gets a net salary. She gets at least the he minimum wages + 8% vacation money and the parents pay her taxes and social benefits. On top of that; the parents pay: 12,10 euro per month for the payslip (is done by an external salary administration bureau), the mandatory ARBO dienst (125 euro's a year) and when they want to an employers insurance for sickness, invalidity of the nanny etc., they put aside an amount of money for the yearly payment of taxes and social benefits. This is around 35% on top of the net payment. The costs for a 40-hour workweek will be around € 2.300 euro's a month. The bureaucosts come on top of that.

- Payrolling The costs of payrolling are different per company. The nanny gets at least the minimumwages +8 % vacation money. The bureaucosts come on top of that fee.

- Costs of a nanny outside the childcare system

The parents don't get "kinderopvangtoeslag" and don't pay monthly bureaucosts. For a nanny that is employed under the Regulation for Personel at Home the fees in the second colum of the above schedule are recommended, but the nanny has to be paid at least the minimum wages and 8% vacation money.

For the ZZP nanny, the 40-hour contract and the payrolling, the nanny also has to be paid at least the minimumwages + 8 % vacation money. Professional Nanny advises to pay a higher fee between 11,75 and 19,00 euro's per hour dependent on the age, education, experience and the number of children the nanny takes care of. This is more realistic on the labour market and prevents nanny's to switch to another job fast.