Professional Nanny

How does it work?

Professional Nanny is a one-woman-business that mediates between nanny's and parents. My job is to create the best situation possible for parents, nanny's and children. Professional Nanny will search you a trustworthy, high quality nanny and takes care of all the paperwork around her employment with you. Nanny's can work on a 40-hour contract, two or three days or a few afternoons. Nanny's don't live in with the parents, they go to their own home in the evening. You only have to deal with one person at Professional Nanny, so the lines are short and your mails and calls normally get answered within a day. I know the situation of all the parents and nanny's and can react to questions fast.

A nanny within the offical daycare system (Professional Nanny)

In Holland the Law on Childrens Daycare (Wet Kinderopvang) regulates the official daycare by nanny's at home (gastouders). Professional Nanny is a registered mediation bureau and can mediate for Dutch or English speaking nanny's with a Dutch diploma (or a foreign diploma that is validated for the childcare system) who can be registered in the National Daycare Register. The registration gives parents a right to tax-benefits (kinderopvangtoeslag) when they meet the criteria of the tax-office. Daycare in English within this system is only possible for expats that will not stay in the Netherlands for long and who's children do not need to learn Dutch. English speaking parents can always hire a Dutch speaking nanny for their children, who will speak English with the parents when neccessary.

A nanny outside the official daycare system (Professional Nanny PLUS)

Professional Nanny PLUS is a seperate organization that offers solutions for parents with needs that do not fit within the official daycare system. For example:

- Dutch parents who want to work with English speaking nanny's

- Foreign parents that are settled in the Netherlands, but want an English speaking nanny

- Foreign parents who want a nanny that speaks another language

Professional Nanny PLUS can help parents with the search for a nanny that fits their family, a professional who helps with the combination of work and family and who handles the organization at home when the parents are away. Professional Nanny Plus makes sure that the employment and contracts fit into the Dutch laws and regulations. The Nanny-Academy will train the nanny (in English) to a professional standard.  

When parents already have found a nanny, but want her employment handled or want to buy her training/coaching on the job, you can see on the page about the Nanny Academy what training modules are possible.

The nanny search

When you want Professional Nanny or Professional Nanny PLUS to start a nanny search, you simple fill out the contact form or send an email to I will contact you and send you the most important info by email. You can always send an email to get all your questions answered. When everything is clear, we make an appointment for me to visit you and we can discuss what is the best way for you to find and hire a nanny. We make a profile with all your wishes in it. We sign a mediation agreement, the parents pay the entrance fee and I start with putting out adds on the internet and search through several nanny-sites to find a good nanny that fits the profile. I will meet with the nanny's first to explain your wishes and situation and answer all the questions they might have. When I find a nanny that fits the profile, the parents will get her CV by email and a small report on the meeting I had with the nanny, the salary she asks and the reason I think she fits the profile. When the parents want to meet the potential nanny, an appointment can be made for a first meeting (I can be present if you want to) to see if you have a "click" together. If this is the case, another appointment can be made were the nanny can meet the children and to see if the initial good feeling lasts. When parents have doubts or do not have a positive feeling about a nanny, I will search further for a nanny that does meet the requirements. When the parents and the nanny decide they will work together a meeting with Professional Nanny (PLUS) will take place to acknowledge the arrangements and start up the paperwork and when neccessary the training of the nanny.

Professional Nanny (PLUS)
Telephone: 06-28457319