Professional Nanny

Hiring a nanny

When a nanny is found, she needs to be legally employed. Professional Nanny (PLUS) can help parents and nanny's with the right contracts and when neccessary extra services to see that a nanny is hired following all rules and regulations in the Netherlands. There are a few ways a nanny can be employed:

- Regulation for Personel at Home

When you need a nanny for 3 days a week or less, you can use the Regulation for Personel at home
You don't have to pay social benefits and taxes (employers costs) for the nanny, only a gross hourly salary. In this situation the nanny is entitled to 8% vacation money (within in the hourly fee), 4 weeks paid vacation and 6 weeks of paid sickleave (minimumwages + 8%). The parents and nanny sign a special labour contract. The notice period is 2 months. When you need a nanny for 5 days a week, you can hire one nanny for three days and one for two days, both with the Regulation for personel at Home. The nanny's can replace each other when they are sick or on vacation. When you are on vacation, the nanny needs to be paid. There are no temporary benefit solutions in the Netherlands and you cannot leave your nanny without an income for weeks. Professional Nanny advises the wages per hour (on the page "costs") to make sure your nanny gets a realistic fee that fits the current labourmarket. The nanny gets a gross salary and has to pay taxes herself. Parents can do an inflation correction every year or every two years. Professional Nanny can give advice on that subject. You always have to pay at least the minimum wages + 8% vacation money. 

- 40-hour contract

When you want a nanny with a 40-hour contract, you become an official employer for the tax-office. They will give you an employers number and you have to pay taxes and social benefits for the nanny. This will increase the hourly rates with around 35%. Professional Nanny can help you with the mandatory salary-administration and ARBO-dienst. The costs for the salary administration will be around 12,10 a month and the ARBO dienst around 125,00 euro's a year. It is also possible to arrange an employer insurance to cover the risks of long term illness and invalidity of the nanny. 

The nanny can get three temporary contracts (3 x 8 months) within the first 2 years of her employment, after two years she is entitled to get a long-term contract. 

- ZZP nanny

The nanny has her own business registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you work together on an equal basis, with a mutual agreement. The nanny will have tax-benefits as an entrepeneur, but needs more than one client to work for. In most cases the parents have no risks, as they don't have to pay the nanny during sickness or vacations. Of course the nanny sets her own hourly fee and sees that she asks enough money per hour to cover these risks.

- Payrolling

When you want to hire a nanny and don't want employers risks, you can join a payrolling organization. For a monthly fee, they see the salary is paid, the nanny gets a salary slip and they take the risks of long-term illness and invalidity. The nanny gets a monthly salary and is insured for long-term illness, invalidity and unemployment with the UWV.