Professional Nanny


Professional Nanny is a one-woman-business that mediates between nanny's and parents. My job is to create the best situation possible for parents, nanny's and children.

In Holland the Law on Childrens Daycare (Wet  Kinderopvang) regulates the daycare by nanny's.
There are a lot of rules to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children. I will make sure that your (future) nanny works according to these rules. 

Professional Nanny will find you a highly educated nanny and takes care of all the paperwork around her employment with you. You only have to deal with one person at the bureau so the lines are short and your mails and calls normally get answered within a day.

If you hire a nanny that speaks Dutch with the children and you pay taxes in the Netherlands, you are entitled to tax benefits for the daycare (kinderopvangtoeslag).

Professional Nanny
Telephone: 06-28457319

Registration number National Daycare Register (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang): 429008661

Registration number Chamber of Commerce: