Professional Nanny


Professional Nanny is a one-woman-business that mediates between nanny's and parents. My job is to create the best situation possible for parents, nanny's and children. Professional Nanny will find you a trustworthy, high quality nanny and takes care of all the paperwork around her employment with you. Nanny's can work on a 40-hour contract or two or three days a week in a live-out situation. You only have to deal with one person at the bureau, so the lines are short and your mails and calls normally get answered within a day.

Within the offical daycare system

In Holland the Law on Childrens Daycare (Wet Kinderopvang) regulates the official daycare by nanny's at home. Professional Nanny can work within this system and help you search for a Dutch or English speaking nanny with a Dutch diploma (or a foreign diploma that is validated for the childcare system) that can be registered in the Daycare Register. The registration gives you a right to tax-benefits (kinderopvangtoeslag). Daycare in English within this system is only possible for Expats that will not stay in the Netherlands for long and who's children do not need to learn Dutch. Daycare in Dutch is of course always possible within this system. The nanny has to speak English well to be able to communicate with the parents.

Outside the official daycare system (Professional Nanny PLUS)

Professional Nanny PLUS is a seperate organization that offers solutions for parents with needs that do not fot within the official system. 

For example:

- Dutch parents who want to work with English speaking nanny's

- Foreign parents that are settled in the Netherlands, but want an English speaking nanny

- Foreign parents who want a nanny that speaks another language with the children 

Professional Nanny PLUS can help you search for a nanny that fits your family, a professional who helps you with the combination of work and family and who handles the organization at home when you are away. Professional Nanny Plus makes sure that the employment and contracts fit into the Dutch laws and regulations and I will train your nanny (in English) to a professional standard.    

When you already have a nanny, but want her employment handled or want her to get training or coaching on the job, you can see on the next page what I can do for you.

Professional Nanny
Telephone: 06-28457319
Registration number National Daycare Register (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang): 429008661
Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 53289129