Professional Nanny

Nanny at home

Are you interested in hiring a nanny at home?
Then you can read this page and the next page. When you are interested in hiring a nanny, you can send me an email and we can make an appointment so I can answer you questions and and explain the possibilities of hiring a nanny in the Netherlands.
It is possible to find you and English or Dutch speaking nanny. Other languages are possible but it will take a little longer to find you a good nanny.

Well educated nanny's
Professional Nanny demands nanny's to have a higher education then most other bureaus, to make sure that they have a solid pedagogical background and know how to stimulate children in different stages of their development.

A nanny from Professional Nanny is a warm personality, who is enthousiastic about working with children. She will take them outside a lot, help them with the development of their language skills etc. She has eyes and ears for the needs of every individual child and is a true professional in everything she does.

You can ask a nanny to cook and eat with the children and make them ready for bed if that helps you in your daily schedule. The nanny will see that the house is orderly again before she leaves at night.

Maximum number of children
A nanny is allowed to take care of maximum two children under 1 year of age, 4 children under two years, 5 children under 4 years and 6 children between 4-12 years.

This gives parents the possibility to hire a nanny together with two or more families. This provides a higher salary for the nanny, is cheaper for the parents and more fun for the children.

Being an employer
It is also possible to become the employer of the nanny. If the nanny works 3 days or less in your house you don't have to pay social insurances and taxes (employers costs) to the tax-office. So you only pay a brut salary and the nanny has to pay her taxes every year. In this situation the nanny is entitled to 8% vacation money (is in the hourly rate), 4 weeks paid vacation and 6 weeks if paid sickleave (minimumwages + 8%).

If you need a full-time nanny there are three possibilties:
1.  You hire one nanny for 3 days and another nanny for two or three days. So each of the nanny's does not work more then three days and they can replace each other when they are sick or have a day off.

2. You hire the same nanny for more then 3 days a week.
In the second situation you become an official employer for the tax-office, they will give you an employersnumber and you have to pay taxes and social insurances for the nanny. This will increase the hourly rates with around 35%. Professional Nanny works together with a salary administration bureau that can provide the necessary payslip and paperwork and can arrange an insurance for employers to reduce the risks of long-term illness etc. Professional Nanny provides an employerscontract that you can use.

3. The nanny has her own business registered with the Chamber of Commerce, she works together with you an a basis of equality. The nanny will have tax-benefits as a starting entrepeneur, but is also totally responsible for her own payment during vacations and sickness. Sometimes it is wise to agree on a 52 weeks payment as it gives you more right to "kinderopvangtoeslag". 

Finding a nanny

When you decide that you want me to find you a nanny, we sign a mediation contract and you pay € 25 administration costs to Professional Nanny. I put out personel adds and make a first selection for you so you only have to meet the nanny's that fit your profile.

as an We meet with the nanny's and see what nanny is the best for you and your children. When you and the nanny agree that you want to work with each other, we can start up the registration procedure with the local government. You then pay € 115  to Professional Nanny for the work that needs to be done to get the nanny registered. We need to do a risk-analysis in your house to prevent accidents and health risks and the nanny will get a Declaration of Good Behaviour from the local government. The nanny will also do a special First Aid Course for Children.

When the registration is done (this takes aroud 10 weeks) the nanny gets a number in de register and you have a right to "kinderopvangtoeslag"

Coaching and training
The whole time to nanny works for you, Professional Nanny will take care of the coaching and training of the nanny and will evaluate the work of the nanny with you at least twice a year. You can call or mail anytime you have questions or when you need help to solve problems with the nanny. An extra meeting is never a problem.

Monthly payment
The law requires that the monthly payment of the nanny is done through Professional Nanny. So, you inform me of the number of hours the nanny worked that month, you get the bill in your mailbox, you pay the bill and the nanny gets paid by me as soon as your money is in my account. The bureaucosts are staying behind on the account of Professional Nanny.

If you want more information or have questions you can mail me at: or call me at: 06-28457319