Professional Nanny


The costs for hiring a nanny at home depends on the way the nanny's employment is organized:

- Under the Regulation for Personnel at Home the hourly costs get higher when more children are taken care of. The hourly costs per child are getting lower for the parents, the salary of the nanny gets higher and the bureaucosts stay the same. These are the minimum costs, a nanny can always negotiate for a higer salary.

1 child
12,25 an hour
11,75 for the nanny
0,50 bureau costs
2 children
14,50 an hour (7,25 per child)
13,00 for the nanny
1,50 bureau costs
3 children
16,75 an hour (5,58 per child)
14,50 for the nanny
2,25 bureau costs
4 children
19,00 an hour (4,75 per child)
16,00 for the nanny
3,00 bureau costs
5 children
21,25 an hour (4,25 per child)
17,50 for the nanny
3,75 bureau costs
6 children
23,50 an hour (3,92 per child)
19,00 for the nanny
4,50 bureau costs

- The nanny with her own business gets no payment during holidays and sickness. She get's a higher hourly salary to compensate that risk. We have to make a calculation per situation to see how high the salary must be. It depends on the number of hours the nanny works and the number of children she takes care of.

- The full time nanny gets a net salary. She gets the minimum wages + 8% vacation money and the parents pay her taxes and social security insurance. On top of that; the parents pay: 0,75 cents an hour bureaucosts and 12,10 euro for the payslib (is done by an external salary administration bureau), an employers insurance for sickness, invalidity etc., they put aside an amount of money for the yearly payment of taxes and social security benefits. For a nanny that takes care of 1-4 children, the costs for a 40-hour workweek will be around € 2.500 euro's a month.

- Tax-benefits Professional Nanny is an official gastouderbureau, the parents that have a Dutch social security number and pay taxes in the Netherlands, have a right to tax-benefits (kinderopvangtoeslag) from the Dutch Government. According to the mutual income of the parents, the tax-office pays in 2017 a percentage of 5,75 per child per hour. 

- Additional costs Professional Nanny charges you € 25,00 euro administration costs to start up the search for a nanny. When a nanny is found you pay € 115,00 for the VOG and start up. The local government can charge costs for the registration of the nanny. This is not the same in every city. In Amsterdam the costs are € 463,80 per nanny.